disneyland merch

disneyland merch

For Disney lovers, shopping for merchandise at Disneyland is a must-do. From iconic Mickey Mouse ears to collectible pins, there is something for everyone to bring home as a souvenir. Here is the ultimate guide to must-have Disneyland merchandise.

Mickey Mouse Ears: No trip to Disneyland is complete without purchasing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. Choose from classic black ears or go for a fun twist with themed ears featuring characters like Minnie Mouse or Star Wars.

Disney Spirit Jerseys: Stay stylish and cozy with a Disney spirit jersey. These oversized, comfy tops come in a variety of colors and designs, perfect for staying on-trend while showing off your Disney love.

Collectible Pins: Disney pin trading is a popular activity among park-goers, so make sure to pick up a few pins to start or add to your collection. Look for limited edition sets or rare finds to make your collection truly special.

Character Plush Toys: Bring home a cuddly reminder of your favorite Disney characters with a plush toy. From classic characters like Mickey and Minnie to newer favorites like Elsa and Moana, there is a plush for every fan.

Park-exclusive Apparel: Show off your Disney pride with park-exclusive apparel, featuring designs and logos only available at Disneyland. Pick up a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat to commemorate your visit to the happiest place on earth.

Disneyland Resort Souvenirs: Take home a piece of the magic with Disneyland Resort souvenirs, like mugs, keychains, and photo frames. These items are perfect for remembering your trip or as gifts for friends and family back home.

Looking for the perfect souvenir or gift to remember your trip to Disneyland? Look no further than these must-have merchandise items, sure to bring a touch of Disney magic into your everyday life. Be sure to shop around the park and check out all the different stores to find the perfect items to commemorate your visit.